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Dealing with Substance Use Bullies

[fa icon="calendar'] Jul 16, 2020 / by Russ Kallina posted in Sober Living, treatment program

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A major function of rehab is to help you to identify the environmental triggers that can lead you to relapse: all those toxic people, places, events, and situations that can create stress and push you back into getting high or drinking.

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Dating in Recovery

[fa icon="calendar'] Aug 27, 2019 / by Russ Kallina posted in Addiction, Sober Living, SMART Recovery, treatment program, Dating in Recovery

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There is an unwritten rule against dating during addiction recovery. Recovery programs commonly recommend abstaining from dating the first year. Recovery is all about healing and learning how to live without substance use, and that first year of sobriety can be a challenge. Navigating the dating scene or starting a new relationship while working through recovery is a recipe for disaster. 

Managing Emotions

At the beginning of a new relationship, we are inundated with emotions — thrilling highs and lows. Learning to manage emotions is one of the greatest challenges of recovery since drugs and alcohol are typically used to numb emotions.

Choosing a Partner

The rush or highs of dating can be intoxicating, literally. Those fresh out of recovery may be susceptible to that intoxicating feeling which can lead to substituting one addiction for another. Infatuation can be mistaken for love. Thus, someone could fall victim to the pitfalls of dating because they have not fully resolved their emotional issues of seeking things outside themselves to fill a void within.

Developing an unhealthy attachment to someone can also derail recovery efforts. Within that first year of recovery, one is still emotionally unstable and unhealthy.  If you are emotionally unhealthy, then you are likely to attach to other unhealthy people. People in recovery often look to others to rescue or fix them. It can be especially burdensome to put your emotional baggage on your partner, making forming a healthy relationship impossible. 

Once you have successfully completed treatment and waited a year, you will have a better chance of picking the right partner.  Recovery programs help people to develop coping skills and to seek comfort within themselves rather than with drugs or relationships.

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Helping Your Loved Ones Stay Sober In 2019

[fa icon="calendar'] Jan 14, 2019 / by Russ Kallina posted in Alcohol, Sober Living, Positive Recovery, SMART Recovery, treatment program

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When a loved one announces that they plan to start the New Year sober, it can be an enormous relief. However, cutting back on drinking is just the first step. Recovery is an ongoing process and the support you offer your loved ones is often invaluable during their New Year's resolution.

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Celebrating New Holiday Traditions

[fa icon="calendar'] Nov 14, 2018 / by Russ Kallina posted in Alcohol, Sober Living, Positive Recovery

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According to a survey conducted by Yahoo, New Year’s Eve and Christmas are the biggest drinking days of the year in the United States. For those in recovery, it can be a challenge to maintain sobriety throughout the busy Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s period with so many parties and celebrations on the agenda. But that’s no reason to isolate yourself from friends and family or avoid the festivities altogether by staying home. There are many sober and safe ways to celebrate.

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Giving Thanks: The Power of Mindfulness in Recovery

[fa icon="calendar'] Nov 02, 2018 / by Russ Kallina posted in Addiction, Sober Living, Positive Recovery

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Because of the rush around the holiday season, we often forget that Thanksgiving is not just about turkey and all the fixings. It is meant to be a time when we gather with those we love and are thankful for all the blessings in our lives. And if you are in recovery from a substance use disorder, you have many, many things to be thankful for.

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Celebrating Recovery Milestones

[fa icon="calendar'] Aug 07, 2018 / by Russ Kallina posted in Sober Living, Positive Recovery, SMART Recovery

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Recovery Month is just around the corner and we at Aquila Recovery would like to encourage you to get involved and celebrate your recovery milestones. You and/or your loved ones have worked hard to get to this point and that deserves to be celebrated.

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12 Tips for a Successful SMART Recovery

[fa icon="calendar'] May 31, 2018 / by Russ Kallina posted in Sober Living, SMART Recovery

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The road to recovery is not always smooth and relapses are not desirable, but they are a natural part of the addiction recovery process. Despite this, it is important to remember that there are certain factors that can improve the success of your SMART Recovery Journey and likelihood of long-term sobriety.

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Seeking Out Positive People to Aid in Recovery

[fa icon="calendar'] Feb 23, 2018 / by Russ Kallina posted in Addiction, Alcohol, Sober Living

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Positive thinking is an incredibly powerful tool within your reach when it comes to sobriety. Seeking out inspiration can really make a difference to finding motivation as you’re walking your path to recovery.

The difference between who you are now and who you are working towards becoming is made much smaller, and even bridged, by finding people in your life who are positive role models and can provide you with inspiration on a daily basis. Positive people in your life can not only serve as inspiration but as mentors and a personal connection to what you want to achieve during your recovery. Here’s how to find those people and start positively impacting your recovery:

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The Importance of Residential Programs in Treating Slips and Relapses

[fa icon="calendar'] Dec 12, 2017 / by Russ Kallina posted in Addiction, Alcohol, Sober Living

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Slips and relapses happen. While on your road to recovery there will be many bumps along the road but it’s important to remember that they are not a failure or a sign that recovery is not working. 

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Building Communities with Sober Living Homes

[fa icon="calendar'] Nov 23, 2017 / by Russ Kallina posted in Alcohol, Sober Living

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Sober Living Homes are group and community living as a part of treatment for substance use disorders. Research has found improved outcomes for those in addiction recovery when a sober living home is part of their treatment plan.  These houses are safe havens established to help people in recovery stay sober throughout their stay, together with other people who understand their struggle. We’ve written about the what to expect of sober homes before, but to briefly recap sober homes generally provide:

  •  A substance free home
  •  Peer support with others at different stages of addiction recovery
  •  Structured environment providing opportunities to slowly implement recovery skills into activities of daily living
  •  12 step meeting attendance with sponsorship as a condition of occupancy, which is consistent with the sober living philosophy of peer support for recovery is associated with better outcome for people struggling from a substance use disorder.

But what are the advantages of Sober Living Homes as part of your recovery journey?

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