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Outpatient Addiction Treatment Personalized to Your Needs

Treatment for you in Reston/Herndon & Leesburg, VA.

intensive outpatient program

Intensive Outpatient Program


Our IOP is a 16-week program with the first 6-8 weeks recommended for individuals with mild-to-moderate symptoms who can manage their own schedules along with family, school and/or employment obligations. After this time you will step down to our OP level of care.

outpatient program

Outpatient Program


Our Outpatient program is designed to support your ongoing recovery by providing the tools necessary to maintain abstinence from drugs and/or alcohol. Groups meet twice a week for 1.5 hours and the program lasts from 8-12 weeks based on attendance and other factors.

aftercare program

Continuing Care Program


We offer a continuing care group that meets once a week for 1.5 hours. This group starts when you successfully complete either our IOP or OP program and is designed to keep you connected to our community and maintain a level of accountability.

About Aquila Recovery

Aquila’s intensive outpatient rehab clinic brings a fresh and evidence-based treatment modality for individuals experiencing alcohol or drug problems in Northern Virginia.

We improve outcomes by: Reaching people early in difficulty with addicting substances. Engaging clients in non-confrontational therapies that assist them in writing and following their personal wellness plans. Providing long-term support for restoring life in the family and community.


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"The Aquila Business Model uniquely embraces the latest science and integrates it with the principles of recovery. Aquila is once again demonstrating their innovative leadership to bring real options to people seeking recovery from addiction."
Charles Curie
The Currie Group. Appointed by President Bush as Administrator of the Substance Use and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA)