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Addiction Support for Families and Loved Ones

You Are Not Alone

Informed family support for someone entering recovery is a strong driver of success. We work to enhance family understanding of the science of addiction and recovery, so you can offer approaching support.

Addiction affects the family as it afflicts the individual. So families need informed support and tools for healing as well. Aquila treatment for family and friends includes weekly group sessions and individual counseling as indicated. Most care is included in bundled pricing.

We can help you determine if your loved one suffers from any stage of addiction and how to best support their recovery.

Get The Right Partner to Fight Addiction

Dealing with addiction is hard. Get a free face-to-face consultation and learn how we can help. Aquila will keep your information strictly confidential.

Family FAQs

Can I be involved in my loved one's recovery?
Yes. For two important reasons.

First, understanding of the science of addiction and recovery builds appropriate support for their recovery.

Second, family and close associates of people with addiction illness also develop maladies that need attention.
Do you offer support to families?
Yes! The Aquila Family Resilience Program is a group event that meets weekly to provide support, information, and whole health strategies for family members of individuals in treatment, or in need of treatment.

The group event consists of sharing experiences, instruction on addiction issues, and group therapy. Topics include understanding addiction, supporting individuals in recovery, and learning to care for one’s self.

How much does Aquila treatment cost?
Treatment at Aquila is specific to each individual and the stage of difficulty or illness being experienced. Bundled regimens of care include education, therapy, and medical attention. The price ranges from $6,200 to $10,400, depending on the severity of symptoms and illness.

Additionally, continuing Recovery Support services keep Aquila as a partner in building stable recovery.
Will insurance cover treatment?
Yes. Aquila services and rates are eligible for most insurance plans. Co-pay and differences between costs and reimbursements differ with each plan. Aquila works with all insurance plans that provide an "out-of-network" benefit. The exact amount of out-of-pocket cost will vary with they type of plan they have. Our staff will be happy to verify  insurance coverage and explain all out-of-pocket costs. We will also provide the necessary paperwork to get the maximum reimbursement possible.
They've been through treatment a few times—can Aquila help them stay clean?
Yes. Aquila treatment regimens meet the patient where they are, with appropriate intensity and content to your situation. Their circumstances and status are determined in clinical assessment. Their commitment to change, of course, must come from within.
What causes alcoholism and drug addiction?
Most people have internal warnings in their health system that discourage over consumption of alcohol and other drugs. A significant number of individuals get no internal warning when they indulge too much. This condition, most often inherited, places people at risk for addiction. 

Consistent overuse by people at risk prompts craving and dependence upon these drugs and the pleasure rewards they deliver to the limbic brain. Phases of addiction include at-risk misuse, early onset addiction, dependence, and end-stage addiction.

Addiction and loved ones