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Alcohol Addiction Treatment Northern Virginia

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Entering an outpatient alcohol addiction rehab program is an effective way to conquer alcoholism and take back your life.

Aquila is a boutique addiction treatment facility that offers more one-on-one care than most other Northern Virginia alcohol rehab centers. We create individual wellness plans for every patient we treat. We sculpt treatments to meet patients where they are in order to be the most effective in treating, and overcoming, alcohol addiction.

Addiction is a disease that is often rooted in other causes. While twelve-step programs are powerful tools they are not always effective on their own. If you want to avoid ongoing relapses and stop alcohol addiction at the source, entering an outpatient treatment program offers a pathway to treat the root causes of the disease.

Aquila will give you or your loved ones the tools they need to stop turning to alcohol to solve problems.


Helps build a knowledge base about the actual reality facing the individual experiencing symptoms of dependence and addiction


Identifies mental and physical barriers to wellness and suggests health strategies that parallel the addiction treatment regimen.


Addresses and heals mental pathways to develop change to new strategies for living and dealing with old behavior triggers.


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