Aquila Recovery Successes & Testimonials

A card will never be enough, nothing will ever be enough for the gift you gave me. Today, I am six months, one week and two days sober. I found out in mid-December that I no longer need a liver transplant because mine was able to recover with the amount of sobriety I maintained.

You gave me a place to go that wasn’t a happy hour and then you taught me how to cope with my self-medicating. Thank you for helping me. I was miserable, had no sense of self and was so deep into an addiction problem that I couldn’t see the problem.

I am now active in the recovery community near me. Because I am a journalist, I document what it was like to go through the transplant evaluation process – that project turned into a documentary about coming to terms with being an alcoholic. Again, thank you for everything.  


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I found that Aquila met my needs precisely where other programs have not; integrated individual counseling, group therapy, and sober living.  Also the fact that the program was tailored to my individual, high-intensity needs was extremely beneficial.  All of the counselors and staff are great!

Steve T.

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My most positive memory about Aquila was the young person's group because I felt it was the most relevant to me. This group was more egalitarian with sharing time, so everyone felt accommodated. The men's group was also very good; I liked Dave's mediations because it helped get everyone channeled from the start, which led to more cohesive sessions.

Former Aquila Client

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