Aquila Recovery Successes & Testimonials

A card will never be enough, nothing will ever be enough for the gift you gave me. Today, I am six months, one week and two days sober. I found out in mid-December that I no longer need a liver transplant because mine was able to recover with the amount of sobriety I maintained.

You gave me a place to go that wasn’t a happy hour and then you taught me how to cope with my self-medicating. Thank you for helping me. I was miserable, had no sense of self and was so deep into an addiction problem that I couldn’t see the problem.

I am now active in the recovery community near me. Because I am a journalist, I document what it was like to go through the transplant evaluation process – that project turned into a documentary about coming to terms with being an alcoholic. Again, thank you for everything.  


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I found that Aquila met my needs precisely where other programs have not; integrated individual counseling, group therapy, and sober living.  Also the fact that the program was tailored to my individual, high-intensity needs was extremely beneficial.  All of the counselors and staff are great!

Steve T.

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I was a resident at the women's recovery house for a total of 7 months.  Making the choice to enter into the home is what I credit with supporting my track to almost a year of recovery from drugs.  House guidelines are designed to provide support to residents, they specifically encourage residents to get involved with a program of AA/NA.  This was the first time I fully immersed myself in recovery, created an amazing network in the rooms and have support from them even today, being 2,000 miles away. 

Aquila has incredible staff, that includes the housing staff.  I have been in 3 treatments before, and absolutely NO staff has been as helpful, caring, knowledgeable both personally and in recovery.  House managers are in long term recovery themselves and understand the day to day struggle, while going above and beyond to provide as much support as possible, day or night, they put the residents first. 

Thank you Aquila, staff and clients.  I will always keep my experience close to my heart and know that with out the foundation Aquila provided me, I would not be where I am today.

Kathryn L Former Aquila Recovery Home Resident

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My addiction had destroyed my home life, career and mental stability.  I knew I needed a fresh start where I could rebuild my life. I remember my first night at the house and my initial feelings of anxiety however once I got settled I was overwhelmed with a feeling of peace, the environment exuded peace. What made this experience so special was the camaraderie and bond between all of the men in the house. We were all in the trenches together trying to rebuild our lives.

There were standards in place that added structure to the environment and in hindsight it was important that we were all being held accountable for our individual recovery. It was made clear that this was a change in lifestyle not just environment.  This structured environment empowered me to get involved in AA, find a career that allowed me to rebuild financially and gave me a safe space to heal mentally and spiritually. 

I will forever be grateful for the friendships I have built and the strong foundation I am now able to build a life upon.

Damian C Former Aquila Recovery Home Resident

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I honestly can’t exaggerate how important I believe the house was in my recovery – the friendships, support, and structure were all critical in rediscovering life without substances.

All of the stages of their program were designed with thought and consideration.  After leaving inpatient, the last thing I wanted was a “clinical” setting, or an overly crowded, dreary house that felt like a punishment.  The Aquila house was neither of those – immediately comfortable, great location, and with logical and thoughtful standards in place.

Moving further into recovery, the counselors and housemates encouraged me to not be content, and to pursue and reengage with my career goals.  In my time in the house I was able to reenter my professional field and reestablish my independence.

Most importantly, there was a level of connectedness amongst housemates that I didn’t anticipate ever finding.  I envisioned the program as a necessary evil, a stop-gap towards getting my life on track, but instead, I literally did not want to leave. 

Jeff P Former Aquila Recovery Home Resident

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Living in the Recovery House was extremely helpful in my transition from in-patient treatment.  I would recommend it to anyone coming to Aquila that has an option. The house allowed me to connect with my peers in a way that is not possible through groups alone.

I credit the house with helping me get my life back on the right path, thank you to staff and my fellow house mates, I appreciate it beyond words.

Michael A Former Aquila Recovery Home Resident

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My most positive memory about Aquila was the young person's group because I felt it was the most relevant to me. This group was more egalitarian with sharing time, so everyone felt accommodated. The men's group was also very good; I liked Dave's mediations because it helped get everyone channeled from the start, which led to more cohesive sessions.

Former Aquila Client

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