Outpatient Drug Treatment Program

Addiction to drugs / other substances affects every aspect of your life. When left untreated, drug addiction can ruin the lives of the person using and those who love them.

At Aquila, we provide a client-focused outpatient drug addiction treatment program that treats each patient as an unique individual. We don't just walk you through the steps if you're not ready - patients at Aquila have a say in their treatment plan and addiction recovery.

We're able to help patients with almost any kind of drug addiction, but our most common treatment include:

  • marijuana
  • prescription opiates
  • anxiety medications (benzos)
  • synthetic drugs
If intensive detox is needed, we can refer you to a facility that can help.

We also provide long-term affiliations with addiction recovery coaches for patients while they work through changes to build more productive and satisfactory lives. Our focus on drug treatment program aftercare can help avoid relapses and ensure long-term stability.

Our outpatient drug treatment programs in Northern Virginia allow you to work through your drug addiction without having to put your entire life on hold.

The Warning Signs of Addiction