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Drug & Alcohol Addiction Treatment

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The Road to Recovery Starts With You

Your addiction recovery journey at Aquila Recovery begins with a single decision. The decision that you want to change your life and that you can't do it alone. 

Aquila's entire team; the counselors, therapists, medical staff, lab collections and administrative team all have one focus. And that is to help you make those positive life changes by providing outpatient treatment.

When you come to Aquila, a counselor who is best suited to understand your individual needs becomes your primary contact through every step of the journey while at Aquila.

He or she will guide you and offer support during all stages of outpatient treatment, staying with you the entire journey, as you take each step towards sobriety. 


Each one of these steps you will take while at Aquila will be very specifically designed to give you an individualized, structured, science-based yet compassionate addiction recovery experience that you will work through with guidance from an experienced clinical team.

By the time you complete your personalized Aquila Recovery program, you have had the opportunity to learn more effective coping skills, and develop a kind of "sobriety tool kit" that you can continue to draw on to maintain your ongoing recovery. 

The first step is simply deciding you need help. You will get that help at Aquila. 

To learn more about our program and how we "meet you where you are" using the latest and best tools in addiction science - contact us today. 

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