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Moving On From a Recovery Home

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Making the decision to move on from a recovery home is not one to be taken lightly, and certainly not one to make on your own. At this stage of your recovery journey you have made many strides. Remember, it has taken a lot of effort to get you to the place you are now. Many have taken this step before you and with proper planning this can be the next successful step in your recovery journey. Here are a few suggestions to consider: 

  1. Is the decision to move part of the agreed upon plan? 

No doubt at this stage of your recovery journey you are excited to make this transition. Most likely you have been thinking that this time would never come. However, as excited as you are, you could be feeling a bit anxious as well. Take the time to talk to your recovery team. Your house manager, therapist, sponsor or mentor should be in agreement that this is a good idea and you are ready to make this move. Moving against advice of this team would not be in your best interest. 


  1. Do you have a solid relapse prevention plan? 

At this point, you should have some good sobriety time behind you. It is key to acknowledge that moving is stressful and may be a trigger for you. Make sure that you have identified your support team outside of your recovery home. Have a solid plan to attend meetings, meet with your sponsor, mentor, peers, or other members of you recovery support team regularly. This will require a bit of effort on your part and a strong commitment. The resources are available but not necessarily down the hall from your room. A good idea is to collect numbers and contact information prior to moving. Work with your team to know what community resources are available and how you would access them. 

  1. Do you have the financial resources to make this move? 

Unfortunate but true, the financial demands of living independently are real. To deny this reality is hazardous. Discussing a financial plan with your recovery team is essential. To make a move without having a secure financial plan puts you at an increased risk of relapse. 

Recovery from addiction.

Moving on from this phase of your recovery journey will be filled with many emotions: excitement, anticipation, anxiety, and fear are all normal reactions to a change of circumstances such as this.

Working through these issues with the trained and competent staff at Aquila Recovery will empower you with the tools required to be successful. Take the time and make the effort! A life in recovery is a beautiful one. Don’t stop working now, remember it only works if you keep working it!