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The Power of Positive Thought

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Most people nowadays have heard about, if not being inundated by the phrase “the power of positive thought.”  It’s almost cliché to talk about the extension of the self-help movement and be taken seriously.  That’s unfortunate, because the cliché is true: There is power in thinking positively, especially when times are tough.  Whether of not you are suffering from a form of depression or recovering from addiction, or just going through a rough spell, positive thought can be the key to unlocking if not happiness, then at least removing some of the clouds from over our heads.

The challenge is how to see the silver linings when the clouds seem so dark.  The simple answer is to try and recognize negative thoughts and replace them with positive ones.  There has been research suggesting that the more people exist in a negative state, the brain actually becomes more accustomed to be in that frame of mind. 

Some ways to accomplish this behavior change range from retraining your mind to think more positively than negatively.  By breaking the cycle of fatalism and despair, and replacing those thoughts and feelings with ones of hopefulness and gratefulness, you can change your mood. 

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A good way to look at it is with a snowball.  As snowball rolls down a hill it gains power and is harder to stop.  By squashing it as it begins to form, it’s much more easy to manage.  Other suggestions are to join or create a support group that can help overcome negative thoughts.  By being part of a positive group, one that reinforces good emotions, a person can start to change their perspective. 

Another way to change negative thoughts into positive ones is to keep in mind that nobody is perfect, and we are all striving for happiness and contentment.  By dwelling on your own negative situation, you can sometimes create tunnel vision and not see the things that may be happening to others.  There will always be people who seem to be living a more perfect life, but may be struggling as much as the next person.  Likewise, there are people who are having a rougher time dealing with life than you may be.  Realizing that you can learn from your mistakes and from the mistakes of others that create negative thoughts can help us all move forward.