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Mainstreaming Addiction Health

[fa icon="calendar"] Apr 09, 2012 / by Russ Kallina

Russ Kallina

Mainstreaming, a term long association with education, is now a growing trend in health care. Aquila Recovery Clinic demonstrates the proven science and practices that improve outcomes by linking care closely and holistically across physical, mental and spiritual health.

In practical terms, here is what mainstreaming means and how we achieve that goal at Aquila Recovery:

1. Reaching people earlier in their incidence of illness and risk. We promote the use of Audit C screening in every setting where health issues are presented – physicians, counselors, pastors, etc.

2. Treating people “where they are,” with respect to brain disease and building appropriate life in recovery. Intensive outpatient treatment includes assessment and psychiatric examination, psychotherapy, education – building tools for long-term recovery living and defenses against chemical misuse.

3. A 50-week engagement that includes recovery supports. Following intensive care, Aquila stays “in your corner” while vital family, community, employment and other life activities test a person’s fresh journey in positive living.

4. Collaboration across health platforms. Consistent with confidentiality laws and policies, Aquila clinicians and counselors collaborate with primary care and other professional providers to achieve cross-discipline cooperation on whole health goals.

5. Aquila costs are reasonable, competitive and eligible for most insurance plans. Every effort is aimed at assuring best practice care at the beginning to reduce future revisits for fundamental treatment.

This is our view of mainstreaming–care that fits every life circumstance, makes appropriate and timely health investments, and nurtures whole health journeys for every individual.

Russ Kallina

Written by Russ Kallina

Russ Kallina is Aquila Recovery of Virginia's Program Director of Operations.

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