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Addiction Recovery Coaching

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Recovery coaching is a form of support for people seeking recovery from substance use disorders. Like other chronic diseases, substance use disorder requires regular monitoring to ensure that you are maintaining your health. Recovery coaching supports you in your addiction recovery journey, so you don’t have to fight it alone.

pexels-photo-457446.jpegA recovery coach is someone who will guide you in recovery and help you achieve your goals. Some
people will experience slips or after leaving treatment and a recovery coach is the perfect person to help you continue to build practical tools to improve your daily life and remain sober. They are a combination of friend and mentor that can help you heal and lead an enjoyable life.

As recovery coaching is an after-care treatment, understanding the role of a recovery coach is important. They can help you with:

  • developing a recovery plan,
  • identifying triggers and reduce the chance of relapses,
  • being accountable during your recovery process,
  • the resources you might need to get more treatment and or to engage with other activities that can help you stay productive,
  • realizing and achieving your goals, and
  • reconnecting with your family after your residential addiction treatment.

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Is a Recovery Coach Different from a Doctor or a Therapist?

YES! A recovery coach is most often not a therapist, sponsor or doctor. They are separate professionals engaged by you to help with your recovery. They generally have no medical training and cannot prescribe or administer medications. A recovery coach, however, can guide you to the right type of medical treatment. They understand the signs of addiction, relapse triggers, detox side effects, and can advise you to seek medical attention when necessary.

Recovery coaching can be an important step as you transition from a rehabilitation center or a sober living home. If you have questions regarding treatment options, or would like a referral to an addiction recovery coach, contact us.