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DSC_1563.jpgWe are currently looking to fill the following positions at Aquila Recovery with a great team member, just like you!

Current Open Positions at Aquila

None, but check back soon!

Why Work at Aquila?

From our inception the attitude of “together we become better”, has been at the core of everything that Aquila Recovery does. This inclusive thinking begins with our respect for and awareness of the new science throughout the addiction treatment and behavioral health industries (e.g., brain science implications, co-occuring therapeutic advancements, technology and integration with the broader medical community) and how those developments directly inform how we design our unique client centered program.

This broad awareness of developments in the substance use and recovery communities is not only key to how we operate, but who we hire.  We know Aquila’s success is really because of our team of truly stellar clinicians.  With over 200 years of  experience  we are able to provide our clients the absolute best possible support as they find their path to recovery.  Just like our tag line says, “The Road to Recovery Begins with You.” We’ve seen our clients achieve real and long lasting progress in their individual walks on the road of recovery and our team of highly dedicated professionals are committed to walking along side and traveling that journey with them.