A typical Aquila client is someone who knows that their drinking and drug use is more trouble than it is worth, and that they need professional help to get on the road to recovery.   Our primary focus is helping people see the connection between their addiction and the underlying stressors in their life (e.g. depression / anxiety). 

Other things Aquila clients typically have in common: 

  • May have family members or loved ones who have expressed a concern about their health, and stated a desire to help
  • Value one’s privacy, especially when discovering underlying emotional and physical issues related to addiction
  • Live a high stress life-style, where the challenges of “keeping up” are ever present and often escalating.
  • Appreciates the high touch culture of Aquila, like during our small group sessions where a constructive and supportive environment is nurtured
  • Knows that there is no such thing as a “magic pill” and will make adjustments to their schedule to fully participate in a customized treatment plan that “meets you where you are” (individual sessions and/or evening groups)
  • Understands that investing in one’s health is the most important way to allocate one’s limited resources, be it through a health insurance provider or private pay
  • Aware of the developments in medical research that recognizes that addiction is a disease that is treatable*, especially when facilitated by trained professionals vs. the long misunderstood belief that it is because of a “lack of discipline” or moral failing.
  • Appreciates the diversity of offerings that are unique to Aquila; providing support that understands specific types of trauma, spiritual and gender specific backgrounds and provides expressive therapies (e.g. art / music therapy, mindfulness)

Most importantly, our clients are coming to the understanding that addiction is chronic, progressive, and if left untreated – deadly.


If any of the above sounds like you – Contact us!

*We are happy to address any questions you may have about how medications can facilitate your treatment experience.